Power Management

Caelera distributes Switching Regulators, Linear Regulators, Smart E-Fuse Devices, Reverse Power Feed (RPF), Power over Ethernet & Space-Grade Power Management products, along with IGBTs, SiC Modules & MOSFETs.

Suppliers specialising in Power Management


Microsemi’s high-performance analog/mixed-signal ICs provide high precision, ultra-fast regulation, high efficiency, and small footprint size for power management and power conversion applications. Microsemi’s Hysteretic Control Step-Down Switching Regulators provide best in class transient performance. Their advanced Resonant Mode (LLC) Controllers ensure the lowest possible electromagnetic interference (EMI) with very high efficiency. Microsemi’s Smart E-Fuse device technology that protects the power management circuits against voltage spikes and surges, while controlling inrush currents, hot-plug, and crow bar events. Microsemi continues to innovate, with Power Management solutions for Commercial, Industrial, Military and Space applications.

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